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  • View Email on Orders

    In the admin, when you go to a specific order there is a bottom that reads "view email". In the past this email changed depending on what the status of your order was (ie. shipped, processed, etc.).

    Recently, I had an order that partially shipped and I went to the "view email" before sending it to my customer and it didn't contain shipping information at all. I went into the admin -> emails section and the email was correct in there. So I did a test partial ship and sent the email and the email was correct, it just isn't showing correctly in the "view email" section.

    I know this feature used to work 100% before bc I actually use it quite a bit, but it isn't working for me now. Is anyone else notice this or have this issue?

    I have been noticing quite a few "little glitches" in things that used to work before and suddenly don't.

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    Please open a ticket for any "glitches" that you encounter at

    The forums are great, but in order to effectively assist with any support issues, we ask that a ticket be created because we cannot offer technical support via the forums.


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      I wasn't looking for a solution here. Rather just to see if others noticed this issue, or if it was just me.


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        I have also found that the Partially Shipped email is no longer giving the information on which items were shipped and is also not giving out the tracking number. Guess we will put in a ticket for it today.
        Have a magical day,


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          Yes, I ended up puting in a ticket for this and they fixed it.


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            Was this fixed for all stores, or just yours? :confused:


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              I am assuming since someone else is having the same problem, that they fixed just my store.


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                This has been fixed in the newest patch and will be uploaded to all stores in the next update, which will be this month. (we don't have a release date yet, but we patch it every month).

                In the interim. If you're having this problem, be sure to open a ticket at and we'll fix it for you manually.