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    I have a shoe website and I currently have my "advanced options" on. When I insert how many of each product I have every "size" shows up in the drop down even though I have the inventory set to 0. I don't want every size to show up, just the sizes that are available. I also dont want to have to go into every product and "Hide" each size. Is there a work around for this issue?


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    if you set your items to be removed from the cart when they are not in stock, then Google may spider your store and not catalog those pages because they're missing. Its better for SEO purposes to show them as out of stock then link to several of the most related products.

    This preserves links pointing to the out of stock URL's, and helps pass authority throughout the rest of your products which are in stock with good anchor text. Also when Google crawls, instead of hitting a brick wall it has URL's to continue indexing.

    The best thing, you may even make a sale by providing other relevant products the user may be interested in and if the item comes in stock again you have an indexed and ranking page just waiting for it.
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