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    Hello everyone,

    Are any of you using Google Checkout? I use it and have noticed that the customers who checkout with Google Checkout do not create an account on my site (or if they do, I cannot see it in my customer list).

    Have any of you experienced this?

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    Yup, that's correct. The intergration specs from Google require the google checkout button be placed in the shopping cart, before the visitor has begun the checkout process. Because Google's checkout effectively replaces the 3DC checkout, the customer won't be given the option to create an account in your store during checkout.


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      hmmm, thats not cool.

      3dcart guys - Is there a way to capture this after the fact? Because of this, they go to Google to figure out if their order has shipped, not to my site, which I don't like. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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        Technically, it could be done. It wouldn't even be very much extra programming. However, you have to look at it from the customer's perspective & ask "why do people use google checkout?". The customer uses Google checkout for any one of several reasons. One of those reasons is that they want to consolidate their orders from several different sites into one central location. If they can see everything they need to from there, then why bother going to the individual sites to check their order statuses? Another reason (along the same lines) is they're looking to reduce the number of emails they receive. If you automatically register them after the checkout, they'd be receive an email with their account info and then 2 copies of every order status email -- one from your store & one from Google.

        If you want to make sure that every customer creates an account, your best bet would be to disable Google Checkout.
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          Another thing I just discovered is that if you run a free shipping promo like I do, that free shipping doesn't transfer over to Google Checkout (GC). Coupon codes do work in GC, but not regular promotions. But, if you have free shipping for a shipping method then it will transfer over.


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            dj does make a good point. I have not had any customers complain about this, so I think I will leave it alone until I have someone request otherwise.

   - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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              If they don't log into an account on the 3dCart side then they can't participate in the rewards program correct?
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