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Functionality in Mailing Lists/Marketing

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  • Functionality in Mailing Lists/Marketing

    There should be batch actions for manipulating the mailing lists and customer lists. It seems like being able to select mailing list subscribers and assign them to groups as a batch rather than each individually would be one of the most basic functions in a mailing list manager. Subscribers should also be able to be in more than one group.

    As far as I can tell (and after reading the "Help" PDF on the subject), if I want some of my CUSTOMERS to be in my mailing list AND I want them to be in a group, I have to do all of that MANUALLY?

    Also, as far as I can tell, there is no way to reconcile the customer list with the mailing list OR the list of people who have ordered but have not created a customer account. So in effect, there are at least 3 "lists" in the system and no way of checking them against each other in order to facilitate different marketing plans that may be directed toward the different groups.

    Just curious what other folks are doing to deal with maintaining a master list (which I believe should be a function of the system itself). Am I going to have to resort to constantly exporting data from different parts of the system into some other application?

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    When you go through to send a newsletter, the system has a few groups already created for you, customers on the mailing list, customers that purchased from you, both customers that purchased and are on the mailing list, customers from a specific customer group, etc. Have you seen that screen with that list of options?
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      Yes, I have seen that, and right there, clicking "Group Editor" takes me to "Build Mailing Group". Searching in SUPPORT for "Build Mailing Group" finds nothing. None of the other support items related to mailing lists and newsletters have any info either.

      There's this item in SUPPORT which doesn't seem to have any relevance at all - there is no "Promotion -> Mailing Wizard"

      What about people who purchased but didn't create a customer account?

      If I send to Customers-All, potentially, I'm leaving out people on the mailing list who are not customers. If I send to Mailing List-All, I'm not sending to Customers not on the mailing list.

      These selections need to be check boxes, not single choice drop down lists.

      I don't know who subscribed to the newsletter and then subsequently became a customer and so now may be getting mailed to twice.

      And back to one of my original statements, Per Step1 on page 3 of Newsletter Guide_3.0-1.pdf, I have to add members to my mailing list/mailing groups one at a time? Because there's no way that I can see to easily assign Customers to Mailing List Groups without retyping them into the Mailing List one by one.

      And, there's still no way of reconciling duplicate information in the system in just one of the lists (customer, mailing, etc) or across lists.


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        Bummer that part of this same issue was raised in 2007 and it's still an issue.