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  • Sorting by Product ID

    I have been trying to sort our items by Product #, but have not found out how to do it. I have tried support but they came up with nothing. When I was on 2.xx I was able to sort using the CSV upload by using the "sorting" field, but 3dcart no longer supports this option. (But they still show it when exporting products)

    Has anyone been able to sort by product ID?

    I saw another post about adding a custom "Order by" in settings but this feature does not work either.

    Any help would be appreciated


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    The only idea I know of is to use the extra_field_X and populate that with the [id] using a "copy column" in the CSV file. Then you could add the new "order by" option.


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      I already tried exactly what you said and after doing the csv file and adding the order by in settings, when I selected it on page I wanted to sort, all it did was send me to the home page.

      I email support about this and all he said was the they don't support this feature.



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        We used extra field one and two for: Manufacturer and Product Type. Then we added the two "order by" options and make them visable.
        Works well. I guess this sort function doesn't work with numerical entries...