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Formatting input fields

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  • Formatting input fields

    Is there a way to format the input fields that customers put in? For example, format the phone number as: ( ) XXX-XXXX

    We would like this capability since many inputs are a string of 10 numbers and we have to reformat as a "phone number" for mailing labels and automated emails.


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    Now you started it!

    How about further formatting for capitalization rules of text entries? People either don't know where the SHIFT key is OR they don't know how to turn off CAPSLOCK.

    It would be nice if, as data is captured from entry into the database, some rules could be applied such as initial caps for names, addresses, etc.

    I'm tired of looking at a mailing label about to go out and realize no one caught the fact that it says "penelope johnson 123 main st philadelphia pa 19111" or a follow up email goes out to Dear PENELOPE JOHNSON.