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  • Customer account problem

    When the customer email is used for account creation, and, they make a mistake on the email, anyone have ideas on how to rectify the situation?
    We had two today.
    Customer purchase, and, they get no email notification or confirmation, can't access their account. I guess there is no remedy. They just have to sure they input their email addres correctly from the get go. Perhaps this is why some sites have email confirmation logons. So, as a result, I'll post this as a new feature request! :)

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    Yes, assuming that they messed up their email, chances are the email is going to bounce to you, then you can contact them and you can adjust it from the store admin.

    Now, true, as far as the customer is concerned, they can't fix it, because they don't know they did something wrong. The verify email could be implemented via javascript on the checkout template (both 1 and 3 page checkouts), and I would add some coding to prevent "paste" (there is some javascript you can attach to a field to prevent the CTRL key from working) that will ensure that they do type it in, not type the first one wrong, then copy and paste the wrong email :).
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      Thanks for the quick response. Yes this happened twice today. We can't really contact the customer because we don't know what their correct email is.....(sometimes we take a gamble and correct it to what we think it should have been) and, we don't usually call, because customers really don't really want a phone call, we've come to find out, generally.
      Could you elaborate on the email confirmation script, as we use the single page checkout.


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        Sometimes if a customer's email bounces to me and they paid by credit card then I have everything I need to complete the order.

        I will include a short note stating that their email bounced and if they would email me direct at (my email address here) - I will correct it on their account.

        If the customer has requested to pay with check/money order - then I mail them an invoice via snail mail explaining the situation and giving them information to complete payment and asking them them to contact me with their correct email for future orders.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner