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CSS files - Can some point me in the right direction

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  • CSS files - Can some point me in the right direction


    I am trying to understand the CSS files for 3DCart. Do they only use one and is it the default .CSS file that is linked with the template used?

    I am trying to add my content and use some of the styles from my existing .CSS file but looking at the one I did I have no idea as to where I should paste the info.

    Geez, and I have not even got to the frame file yet...

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    The CSS file that is used on your site depends on the setting in the admin panel found at Settings -> Design -> Styles &Themes. Whatever the name of the file listed in style is the one you are using, mine happens to be default_modified.

    The location of the CSS file also depends on your setup. For example if you are using layout1 as your template (also listed on this page in the admin.) then you will find the file in assets/templates/layout1/css/

    Keep in mind this is how it is working for me, but yours could work differently....

    I am not clear on exactly what you want to do with the CSS file once you find it. Are you looking to use the styles on you pages or add styles to the CSS file to use? Either way you can probably handle it from here.