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  • Shipping Problem

    We have a shipping issue with custom shipment method and want to check here first for help. We have UPS for orders up to 149 pounds. For 150 pounds and above, we have truck freight with weight ranges. This works fine for a single product. However, the shipping will not calculate for multiple items in cart.

    10 items of product A: 20lbs each = truck freight $XXX.XX

    however, and an item B (from a different distributor)

    10 items of product A: 20lbs each
    2 items of product B: 3 lbs each

    and the process errors out with no shiping method available. :(

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    don't really know how to fix it.
    Anyone know a way to fix this? obvisouly, if you have a large shipment, and it is split across distributors, it cannot calculate. Anyone know a solution? We thought about having a flat fee for shipping charge per item, but, that is not available.
    Thanks! :)
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