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  • Product Catalog Creator?

    Looking for recommendations for a product catalog creator. We often get requests for catalog. Would be interested in print as well as digital or pdf catalog. Would like to auto include thumbnail images. :)


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    Interested in this as well.


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      One of my suppliers offers a downloadable catalog, but when I asked 3d about having a downloadable product on my site, they said the system can only do images.


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        If you have a catalog and just want to put a download link on your site, you could upload it through the file manager, and link to it from one of your pages. There is no need for a special 3dcart function for this.

        The other option is to use the e-products, and have it free shipping with $0.00, after purchase a link will be sent to the customer to download the file you attached to it.
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          I think the real question here is how to easily create a catalog based on the products from the 3dcart database.

          I'm sure there is a company out there that has the ability to create it (just export the invbentory via CSV, and upload to company that makes it)...However, finding a reliable company someone else has used is the question.


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            The e products will probably work for me. Thanks.


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              I used "AXmag" digital creator. Little pricey but worth it. I uploaded the files it created to the images folder. I then made a catalog page with a link to the "main.swf".
     .. Let me know what you think


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                If you have Excel and Publisher you can do it yourself.

                Download your products and remove the columns you don't need in the catalog. For ours, I just used name, description, manufacturer, mfgno, id, image. Make sure links to your product images are absolute, not relative (i.e. change assets/images/productImage1.jpg to Save as an Excel file.

                Create a new Publisher file and ​go to Insert > Catalog Page. You now have a new Ribbon menu (in 2010 or 2013 anyway) called Catalog Tools. Click on that, go to Add List > Use an Existing List. Choose the Excel file you created and filter the data if you need to to restrict the products that come into the catalog.

                Once you click thru, you'll have new options on the Catalog Tools menu. You have a Layout section where you can use pre-existing layouts, or you can design your own.

                Good luck!

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                  I know there are apps out there for catalog builders but not sure if they work with 3dcart or not.


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                    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Catalog-On-Demand app -- if so, what do you think of it?
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                      Originally posted by Birdsafe View Post
                      I was wondering if anyone has tried the Catalog-On-Demand app -- if so, what do you think of it?
                      Just bumping this up to the top. Am interested as well. I've used PrintRunner to make product package labels and found they do printed catalogs as well. And at a pretty easy to handle price. Still, it takes some kind of design software to do the basic layout.