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  • Advice for charging credit cards


    I am using to process credit cards and I "authorize only" upon order. When we ship the item we then charge the card. We do this because we accept back orders and it could be a couple weeks before an item ships. As of right now, I need to manually go into the order and click "capture" to charge each individual card.

    All logic would tell you that there should be a feature when the item ships to charge the card automatically but I couldn't find it anywhere and according the 3dcart support, they don't offer that feature.

    Does anyone have any advice on this or have a different method? As we start to get more and more orders, this seems like a tedious and illogical process.
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    Why not just authorize and capture? And if by some chance one of your orders does not come through and you cannot fulfill it, simply go into and refund them through there?

    As soon as a charge is cleared (about 1 day) we are able to go into and charge more to an existing transaction (if they called and wanted to add an item or upgrade shipping) or void a transaction. I imagine you can do a partial refund as well.

    Just my thoughts.
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      This has plauged us for years. And, unfortunately, the "authorize only" and then capture later, method is not available with 3dcart with the processor we use. (Elavon). So, we are at an even further disadvantage. You can do the authorize only, but, you cannot go back and "capture" via the admin panel.
      If you believe you will ship within 48 hours, charging the card is okay, in most instances.
      Elavon does offer a nice feature, though, that we took advantage of. You can send all transactions to a "pended" state. This way, they wont process at the nightly cycle, until you unpend them. Same issue, though with keeping track of which order to charge. We just decide to charge all orders and notify customer if th item wont ship within 48 hours and ask if they wish to cancel.