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  • New order email template

    I was just migrated over to the new cart this week, and am LOVING it! However, I'm searching for my new order email template, and can't find it. In fact, I don't see any of the email templates that I previously created in there. They are working, but just not showing up in admin. I've submitted a ticket, but since this is a Saturday I'm hoping someone here can help before Monday morning. :) I know it's probably right in front of me, but I just can't find it.


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    Have you looked in Settings> Design> Emails ? You should see a very long list of all the e-mail templates for your store.


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      That's what I mean--they aren't there. There is no template for new order for the customer--there is one for the distributor, but not the customer. I did a test order and received it, I just can't find where I can alter it--so strange! Also, I can't see where to add a new email??? Am I totally on the wrong page???


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        Just received an email back from support--looks like I'm not crazy, they are just missing. So nice to have support on a Saturday! :)


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          That is strange. I'm sorry, I just don't know what could be the answer. Hopefully your ticket will be answered quickly (most of them are) and you can post the solution here in case others ever run across the same issue.

          As for adding new e-mails, when you go to Settings> Design> Emails, scroll down a bit and under "Orders Emails", you *should* see three options to create your own e-mails as "Custom 1", "Custom 2" and "Custom 3". I've attached a pic of what my screen looks like:

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            Woops! I hadn't seen your reply when I posted just now. I hope they'll have the mystery of your missing e-mails solved very soon. :)


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              Thank you so much!