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At my wit's end with shipping!

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  • At my wit's end with shipping!

    I have been trying to get my shipping right for over a year. Tech support has not been helpful with this.

    I have registered with USPS (the method that I use) and is connecting with USPS.

    One of my problems is that several of our products are very heavy for their size. It's an Epoxy based clay. The shipping never comes up right. If a customer purchases two orders of the 4 pound size, their shipping comes up as 22.00 to Calif. which is where I am. But I could get both of these into a flat rate box. I don't have any idea how to configure this to come out with the right amount.

    Another problem is that on multiple items, almost always, the shipping is too high. I have set the weights properly but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    Can anyone help or recommend someone that might be able to help me sort this out? We're losing business right and left because of high shipping costs.

    If you want to take a look at my site and preview the shopping cart, it's

    Thanks for any help you can give.


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    If you are lucky enough to be able to use the flat rate boxes because your items fit in correctly, what you can do is setup a manual shipping method, since the rate is the same, no matter where you ship to within the US, there is no need to use the USPS API.

    You could do something like, if order is >1lb, but less than 10lbs, and in US, use this Manual method, charge $12.99, (or whatever), and so that will be presented to the customer during checkout. Now if you have other usps methods, those will show too, but the customer can decide what they want...
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      Make sure you check a few things, too.
      Make sure "ship by itself" is not checked on the product page. Make sure you have in store>settings>general, the weight maxiumum properly set for each box.
      Also, if using advanced options with weights, be sure your information page weight is set to zero.