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Flat rate shipping as default?

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  • Flat rate shipping as default?

    I'm working through setting up my site.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be using the one page checkout.

    At this point, I only have one custom shipping method setup, and may keep it that way for a while. The method is Flat Rate, meaning that no matter what or how many the customer orders, the shipping is the same.

    I'm only allowing shipping to the U.S.

    My question is this: Is there a way to have this one and only shipping option show by default when the customer goes to the one page checkout?

    As it stands now, the cart is "dumb" and still forces the shopper to enter their country, state and zip before the cart shows shipping cost. This information is irrelevant to the shipping method/cost.

    Since I plan to promote the flat rate shipping, it will be confusing and potentially frustrating to shoppers to not see the shipping automatically when they checkout.


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    Yes, it can be done-

    Go into the shipping methods(or settings?), and uncheck everything. Also get rid of any checkmarks beside the methods now available. Create a custom method, at the price you want, and set the range of weights you want to go with.


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      That's what I did.

      The problem is when the customer goes to checkout. They still have to specify Country, State and Zip in the Shipping Information section before the correct method and price are applied.