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Still seeing old website after a week?

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  • Still seeing old website after a week?

    Can anyone tell me why I am still seeing my old website? It has been over a week since the dns was changed to 3dcart. At my office, I can see the new website, but at home, I can only view the old one. I have cleared history, etc. and still view the old site.


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    I would check:[YOURDOMAIN]

    And it will list the DNS servers at the bottom, if you don't see the 3dcart DNS servers, then the change did not occur.

    Second, if that is 3dcart, then it could be that your machine, or, your router/modem cached the DNS entries, you could try rebooting the modem/router and PC, this shouldn't be necessary as by default most systems will expire DNS records within 24 hours max, but, it may be required if the configuration on those devices was tweaked.

    If that does not help, my only guess is that the DNS is cached at your ISP, I've seen this before but only with smaller isps, in that case, you have very little control to refresh it, and hopefully they are setup to refresh those entries at least every couple of days.
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      I do have a small ISP at home and that is probably what the problem is...
      I imagined that it might take a couple of days, but it has been over a week now. It is frustrating that I cannot work on my new site at home in the evenings. I appreciate your input!


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        We had that problem once before on our home internet service. Cached DNS! :mad: They're trying to be frugal under the guise of being helpful :rolleyes:
        But anything over 48 hours is just not right in this century! It's possible to override this in your network settings to use a DNS reolver of your choice, but, not recommended.