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  • Shipping to Puerto Rico

    Is anyone shipping from continental US to Puerto Rico? In the Shipping Settings, PR is listed as a state of the U.S. and also as a Country. I have utilized both options but still can't get it to work. There are two ways to select PR:
    (1) Enter U.S. as the country, then choose PR as the state or (2) choose PR as the country. No matter which way the customer completes the address, there is an error that there is no shipping option for the address selected.

    I have UPS shipping methods configured where the Country is US and all states are included. I also set up an additional method with PR as the Country.

    I submitted a ticket but none of the suggestions have worked. If someone is shipping to PR, can you tell me how you set it up?


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    We had trouble with that too, but we only ship there via USPS Express Mail. I had to set up a USPS Express Mail setting specifically for PR in order to get it to work. Had to do the same for Virgin Islands as well--had problems with that one also.


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      IIRC, UPS treats PR as a foreign country shipment and "export or customs" forms are required. So, that may be the reason UPS finds no options to ship there. And also, IIRC, Fed Ex treats PR as domestic, so, you could try that as a test.


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        I use both UPS and USPS to ship to PR and both just regard it as another state. No special forms required.


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          I guess they've changed. UPS used to regard PR as export. Oh well. About time they recoginized US territories