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  • Abondoned Cart Email

    Hi all,

    I don't know if anyone knows anything about this or if this is even the correct place to post this question, but hopefully someone knows about this...

    Quick story to illustrate my question:
    My fiancee placed items in a shopping cart on a website (perhaps not one powered by 3D Cart, but always a possibility I suppose) to see how much the total would be including shipping. She then clicked out without placing the order so we could discuss the price before she went through with the purchase at some point in the future, and thus abandoned the cart. Roughly 6 hours later I received an email from the website and it read:

    "Dear James,
    Thank you for your interest in (company name was here)! We are in receipt of your order, but upon closer review we noticed it was not completed.

    If you would still like to place this order, simply return to the store, where your same shopping cart will be waiting for you, and enter code COMPLETE88 at checkout and you will receive 20% off your order.

    In addition, if I can personally help you in any way, please don't hesitate to email me directly. I'd especially like to know if you experienced any problems, technical or otherwise.
    We look forward to serving you soon!
    Kind Regards,

    I thought this was so cool and would like to find out:
    1) If there's a way to track abandoned shopping carts in 3D Cart (obviously my fiancee had provided my information, including my email address, in the cart before proceeding to the billing, at which point she left).

    2) I have no idea if this was an "auto-generated" email or if the customer service representative manually sends these to abandoned carts after X amount of time has elapsed. Either way, I feel like it's a great way to recover what would otherwise have been an abandoned cart (and with the special promo code, it would give a decent idea of how many previously abandoned carts you have recovered).

    Does anyone have any idea how this company might have gone about doing this? I would LOVE to implement this into our shopping cart!

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!

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    This feature is included with 3D.
    In admin hover over orders. one category is "not completed" you can then view them and how far they went in check out. You can then click on and email the ones you want if they went that far.
    The Email that goes out is in settings/design/emails where you can customize it.


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      Thanks, Mondo!

      Thanks, Mondo! That's awesome! I'm going to love that feature, and I had no idea that it was built in to the cart already :) .

      I haven't yet published and started using my 3D cart (over this weekend I will launch!), and I really appreciate your help!

      Have a great Thanksgiving!


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        Email Addresses NOT captured in Not Completed Orders

        Sorry to rain on your parade, Mondo, but you are only partly correct.

        This works with the multi-page checkout but NOT with single page checkout. Though not for any reason that I can figure out since every other piece of information at the top of the 1 page checkout is captured when it's filled in by the visitor EXCEPT email address!!! (as long as the visitor moves outside the Billing Info area after filling in those fields)

        Please see this thread from July 09 for details.

        That is why you can look at your Not Completed orders list and see abandoned carts with names, addresses, and phone numbers but NO email addresses.

        It's not because they didn't enter their email address. I would bet you a million bucks that in most cases they DID enter their email address. It's just that 3dcart will not save that one field's worth of data - even though it's probably the MOST important field on that entire page when you are talking about abandoned carts.


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          No offense taken and thanks for the info. Wasn't aware it didn't work with one page since we are using multi right now.
          Been thinking of switching but now maybe not.


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            Yeah, it's a real bummer because the 1 page checkout works great - super fast and easy for the customer. And even though it's basically just the multi page checkout all squished together, even to the point of processing each section as you move thru the page, it doesn't do this most basic function.

            As the customer goes thru the multi page checkout, information is saved to the system as they move from page to page. And for some reason, ALL the info is saved, UNLIKE in the single page checkout where just that one field - email - is not saved.


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              Was a reason given why this data field is not saved?
              Is it something in the page template that can be used to fix? :confused:
              It is kinda silly to have the option to email potential customers if there isn't an email field in the first place.


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                I was told: "As for the email address, that will be stored after you move on to the next step of the checkout which on the single page checkout does not come into play until you click Check Out. "

                HOWEVER, that is not true and I tried to explain that to them but they told me I was wrong - except you can test it yourself and see that I am NOT wrong.

                1 page checkout captures info as you move from section to section. So fill in the billing section and then either click in a shipping section field or click "same as billing" and all the info is saved. ALL EXCEPT THE EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!

                The only time email address is captured is if the person actually has an account and signs in. Otherwise, they can fill in every field and 3dcart will drop the email address.

                So, I went back and explained this in 2 additional emails clarifying and providing screen caps and more descriptions and I was told:

                "that's the way the 1 page checkout works and if you want to capture that information you should use the multipage checkout".

                This is a FUNDAMENTAL function that SHOULD be implemented and which I've been complaining about since MAY 09 to no avail. Maybe if more people said something we could get some results.

                I finally just dropped it because you can only bang your head against the wall for so long. It's frustrating because most often tech support is SOOO helpful and other times it's like talking to a wall.


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                  I know nothing about code, but why does the for validator look different for the email and password fields?? It's not that way on the multipage checkout.

                  		frmvalidator.addValidation("billing_zip","req","Please enter your billing zip code");
                  		<!--START: emailrequiredscript-->
                  		frmvalidator.addValidation("billing_email","maxlen=50","Max length for Email is 50");
                  		frmvalidator.addValidation("billing_email","req","Please enter your email address");
                  		<!--END: emailrequiredscript-->
                  		<!--START: passwordrequiredscript-->
                  		frmvalidator.addValidation("pass","req","Please enter your new password (registration is required)");
                  		<!--END: passwordrequiredscript-->


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                    Your guess is as good as mine. It would be great if TPTB would weigh in on this issue.

                    When we looked at it, we thought it looked like an oversight - like one guy programmed one section and someone else programmed the other and they didn't talk. But when we tried to point this out, we were shot down - "that's just the way it is, we can't change it."

                    Maybe if we got a bit of an explanation as to WHY that's just the way it is and WHY it can't be changed, it would make more sense?


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                      My guess is in the single page checkout, it is using a sub routine for "create account login" which uses the email and password fields to create a new account just under the biilling address and just above the shipping carrier options. Probably operates differently for that reason.......:confused:


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                        I would really appreciate if someone from 3DCart could address this question...and please log another request that the e-mail address be captured in single page checkout. This seems like an important and possibly simple fix.


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                          A bit off topic but is there any automatic way to send the abandoned cart e-mails or do we have to manually send them under the orders not completed section?


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                            Good news.

                            I cornered our developers and asked them when this would change. We're going to be changing this in the next version, which is still on target to be released in Q1.


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                              Thanks so much for the update, Robb!