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Shipping issue as a drop shipper

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  • Shipping issue as a drop shipper

    I see I have a problem in my shipping settings. I only dropship and do not have UPS information to input into my admin section on shipping settings. So my orders wont go through. All one of them :-)
    I have all the distributers setup as such and items set to the distributors, useing their address as ship from.
    How do I get around this?

    Thank you

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    Have you added UPS as a shipping method?
    You need to add the UPS and then sign up for an account to utilize their real-time shipping calculator


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      Originally posted by Mark View Post
      Have you added UPS as a shipping method?
      You need to add the UPS and then sign up for an account to utilize their real-time shipping calculator
      But I don't want to setup UPS. I do only drop ships. From different distributors. They are all setup in the distributor section.


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        Hello Paul,

        As mentioned, if you want to use UPS live rates, you will have to setup an account.

        I ship from multiple distributors as well.
        In the past I have just used a central state's zip for the ship from location on all orders.
        I have also used a custom rate table based on weight, which you can setup under >>>Shipping Methods>>>Custom.

        After years of doing both I finally made things a lot easier for ourselves & our customers by integrating a ballpark shipping cost into the price of my products.

        Free Shipping loud & bold on the website is also a great marketing tool.



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          As mentioned you still have to set up a shipping account and installed to pull rates into the cart. We DS and stock but 3d is the cart not the shipping company. It doesn't have the info it needs to provide rates from them without being connected and they wont provide that info if they don't know you. Hope this makes sense.

          We also ballpark by using our from zip (Central US in IL) and shipping by combined weight. It's usually pretty close but we get bit once in a while ($10 on a order today) but it levels out. The final result is pretty much even (house odds). We don't lose/profit on shipping and the customer get a fair value for their shipping dollar.

          Disclaimer: Your results may vary
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            I want to thank all of you for making this clearer. I had thought using the drop shop option would take care of it but I see that is not true. DUH

            I set up a new UPS account for the store and I think it is all set now.

            I've been open for a few months and this was really my first order. :-)

            I don't thing the woman will be back but I dropped her an e-mail to let her know about the issue.
            We will see how it goes. I'm not going to stay live much after Xmas unless something changes soon.

            Thanks again to you all and to support.



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              We are a dealer for several distributors shipping from several different locations. We ship via UPS and the real-time rates calculate based on the distributor source address that is checked in the distributor setup area. Works great! Not sure why this isn't working for others...:confused:


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                Hi mark,
                Only been here couple of months and Franky, didn't know it was a option. I'm assuming if they order one item from two places it charges full price for each instead of combined weight and combined if from the same place.


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                  Yes, the shipping will calculate from different dropshippers and does increse the ship cost, but, if you are indeed shipping from different warehouses, your cost will be more than combined shipping from one location, so, you lose out on shipping if you don't charge the true cost. We tell our shoppers to order from a single warehouse ( which is listed on the product page) as ,uch as possinble to save shipping costs.