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Why are some order numbers skipped over?

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  • Why are some order numbers skipped over?

    Just curious why occasionally some order numbers are skipped?
    Every once in a while, an order number is skipped. Just wonder why.

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    When an order is submitted to a payment gateway (paypal,, etc), we send the invoice #, so that if you later need to search for it, its pretty easy. (Order #1000 in 3dcart = Order #1000 in

    Now, this means that if a customer goes to checkout, and they submit payment, an invoice # must be assigned.

    If that customer's card is declined, then the invoice # is skipped since the next customer that checks out will get a new invoice #.

    This is also the reason why its possible to get order #1000 today, and order #999 tomorrow. (#999 tried to checkout, order was declined. Order #1000 goes through fine. #999 customer came back the next day and tried a new card and was approved).

    So, its very possible to have order #'s skipping. Depending on your client base you may notice it more. We have some clients that have 3dcart for years and it never happened, then we have some clients that it happens daily. I guess it depends on the type of customers you have. If you have many repeating customers, the chances of happening are low, if you have a lot of new customers, the chances of 1 of their cards declining and not re-submitting with a new card are larger.
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      Thanks for the reposne.