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    Hello everyone,

    When is the new release due? It seems like I remember Gonzalo saying they were working on a feature that would allow a parent product that is not sellable to be added and then the "real" products added under that so that a single discription and image could be listed for multiple products. It would look basically like this:

    Leupold Scopes

    The way I have it setup (which is in the example) is by using a category and then listing each product and not using a thumbnail. This works great visually, but search engines (internal and external) do not like it. For instance, if I search for VX-III on my site, I get this:

    Search Result

    Which is not good because the customer never gets to see the description. But, if I had it setup such that say the VX-III was the "parent" product and say a VX-III 3.5-10x50 was a "child" of that parent, then the main VX-III page w/image and description would show when either vx-III or 3.5-10x50 was searched for.

    So, really my questions are a) will the new release do this and b) when will it be available?

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    Out of curiosity, why wouldn't you just add a product image and description for each of the products. I know it would be somewhat redundant, but you would then have an image and description for each product.


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      There are a couple of reasons why I like the setup I have now. First is redundancy, which is not only boring for my customers, but eats up my database size limit. Since I have about 2k products and thats only a fraction of what I could list, I have to be careful with redundancy. Also, the images I have of each individual product are not that great. They are supplied by my dropshipper and they aren't the nice professional looking ones you see on my site, they are profile shots basically. And finally, it would be difficult to find what you are looking for if you are looking a a page full of products with virtually the same picture and virtually the same name except maybe the power of the scope, or the objective diameter would be different in the name. A lot of sites that sell similiar products list it the way you suggest, but I prefer the way I have it for the above reasons. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors