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    Hi Everyone!

    I hope you're all enjoying a busy holiday season! I am also hoping some of you coders can tell me if it's possible to take the best sellers coding from the frame template and move it into a content page? I would like to have the "Top Sellers" appear in an information page for our wholesale customers so that they can see the buying trends, but when I tried to cut and paste the entire code block into new table on an extra page, it didn't work.

    What I see is the title: "Best Sellers", and then a link that says: " [ranking] [name] " and if I click on the link, it sends me to error message 53 "you have successfully logged out of your account" whether I'm logged in as a test customer or not. Obviously, I'm either doing something terribly wrong (as usual) or we aren't able to use the code block outside of the frame file, which seems unlikely.

    Any thoughts?

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    Code blocks can only be used on pages where they are allowed to be used, is my understanding. So, you can't use code from one page on another page unless the page was setup and designed to use those field names or variables.....
    From the documentation: "Code blocks and variables are designed to be used specifically within their intended templates and will not be processed otherwise"


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      Still pretty new here but know a little about web sites. Since this code is used on the frame it seems that it's a 'global block'. (if I'm off on this would like to know)

      Anyway, based on that and what your trying just wondering.

      This 'special page' It sounds like it doesn't reside inside the frame(like home page etc)/IE:doesn't use the global header? That it's wrapped in its own HTML tags.
      If not you may just need to just add the common utilities from the top of the frame to the page.
      It may have the code but has no references.

      Again I'm new here and certainly not a expert on the system.
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        Thanks for your help...unfortunately, I was able to verify through tech support that the top sellers block is usable only within the frame template and not in any other templates or pages of a site. Which is really a bummer, and kind of unexpected considering the level of customization to the design of the cart overall.

        My frame file is totally custom, and I don't use any of the menu, cart, subscribe or other built-in features at this time.