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  • Product Options question

    We are trying to set up a product option that when used will charge a fee for that option. We don't want it to charge multiple times of that fee if multiple items are ordered. It should only be a one time fee.

    for example:

    We need users to attach their logo and get charged a set-up fee but not multiple set up fees.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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    Hmm, that's a good question. I don't know if there's a way to do it "directly" like that, but here's a work-around that came to my mind, if it comes down to it:

    You could NOT use options at all, but instead make the logo fee a separate "product". You would need to create an obvious link to it from the original product and let your users know that if they wish to have the logo service, they will need to purchase it (by purchasing that "product".)

    just a thought.

    Good luck in finding a solution. Hopefully you can come up with one a bit more slick than this, but it might be something to consider.

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      You might try this. have only used this one way but think it could adapt for you.
      Using you cutting board as a example.
      Create the cutting board product with the price (done)

      Go into your product and create the cutting board as a option no extra cost.

      Create the logo as a option/then go to advanced options to put in the price adder for the logo.

      Once this is done go back to options and under the option select QTY as the display method.(you have to do this last because of a glitch in the system won't let you go to advanced options once selected. If you need to change them later you have to select a different display, make your changes then switch it back)

      Put in your description that you only need to add 1 logo for any Qty or assign a different template for them and add stuff into that. That's what we did.

      They should now be able to add multiple boards and one logo.

      Here's what it looks like:

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        Thanks for the ideas.

        I'll look into your solutions when I get back on this task.
        I really appreciate you guys taking the time to reply.