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Is there a way to set up Quanity Discounts for products

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  • Is there a way to set up Quanity Discounts for products

    Hello all,

    Been awhile since I posted here. I'm wondering, is there anyway to set up the products to offer quanity discounts? You know, if you buy 1 its this price if you buy 5 you get a discount and so on. I've been trying to figure out how to do this and I've looked in the knowledge base and everywhere I can think of, but I can't find anything about it. Thanks for the help.

    Merry Christmas to all,


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    Just select the DISCOUNT tab and add QTY discounts. This works pretty good. You may have to edit your listing template to make it list the way you want. Our listing template was wrong and included an extra $ sign.
    Also, we changed the wording so it said "Order More and Save" and then the "Price" we changed to "Price Each".

    The issue we have with it is that you cannot display the updated price dynamically when you have product options with different pricing.
    For example, when you choose idfferent options, the "Your Price" changes but the "Quantity Price" does not. This needs to be fixed. just haven't figured out how yet.....
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