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TLS / SSL support for sending through 3dcart mail servers?

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  • TLS / SSL support for sending through 3dcart mail servers?

    Does 3dcart support TLS or SSL for smtp authentication? I am trying to set up a e-mail address through gmail so it can send email through the 3dcart servers but get a error that states "Error 500 server does not support TLS".

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    What you are trying to do will not work. Please let me know why you would want to use Gmail, but, send through 3dCart's mail server, instead of using Gmail to send as well...
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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      I am not sure you totally understand.

      You can have Gmail check and download mail from pop accounts. You can also have Gmail send e-mail through that account using the servers for that account (in this case 3dcart) but the servers have to support SSL or TLS. The error message I get when setting up says the 3dcart servers do not support SSL or TLS. With out that support you can still send e-mail with the return address of the POP account but the e-mails go through the gmail servers (I guess it really doesn't matter how they get sent so I have set it up with this option for now).