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Using Anchors in Text Editor

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  • Using Anchors in Text Editor

    Has anyone figured out how to insert text anchors in the built-in content editor?

    Usually, there is a button that inserts an anchor (usually in the "insert link" html section) but I still cannot figure out how to do this with 3d Cart's editor.

    I'm assuming my only option is to code it myself?

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    No help from customer service

    I know this is an old post, but I'm still trying to figure this out. Just spent nearly an hour in a chat with customer support, that was honestly an Abbott and Costello "Who's on First" moment! Customer support, I'm your biggest supporter, but the service tonight was bad beyond belief. I may need a new keyboard because I punched several buttons a bit harshly, more than once.

    Here is the scenario:

    --Content page, which is a master catalog of my products
    --There is a table of contents at the top of the catalog page
    --There are multiple sections of products all the way down the page
    --I want to put an anchor in each section, corresponding to the title in the table of contents
    --Customer clicks on the title, and they are directed to the correct spot below

    Simple bookmark/anchor, right? I swear I laid it out that simply.

    I know how to link everything, I just don't know how to give the text a name so that it populates the bookmark drop down box selection. That way I can select it and link to it. I know it can be done--I did it myself on my "test" 3dcart site a few months back, and can't remember how I did it. Can anyone help???


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      How to create Bookmark/Anchors

      OK, I'm going to reply to this myself to help anyone else who may have this same question, and also so that the next time I forget how to do it I'll have a reference! :)

      I was actually doing it correctly from the beginning, there is just a problem with the site that makes it look as though it didn't work.

      1) Anywhere in your document, you can place an "anchor" by inserting:

      <a name="yourname"></a>

      It doesn't have to be around any text--in my case, I inserted it just above <table>, so that the whole table would be visible. If you want it to be around specific text, it would be:

      <a name="yourname">Your Text</a>

      2) Next, go to the text that you want to link to it, in my case, this was the title in my Table of Contents. Highlight it, and click the hyperlink icon.

      3) Select Bookmark, and there will be a dropdown box next to it. Now, here is where the problem is. When I click that dropdown box, all I see is a big long line of white space. There is nothing to choose. That's why I thought I wasn't doing it correctly--my anchor wasn't listed there as an option.

      However, if you scroll all the way down in that big white dropdown box you will find your anchor! Or, if you click enough times in it, you can make it close, and type the name of your anchor in it and, voila! Suddenly your anchor, "yourname" is made available! It just happens (in my case) to have about 4" of white space on either side of it in the dropdown box!

      I did this with all of my anchors, and everyone of them had several inches of white space between them in the dropdown box. I've tried this on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE8, and had the same result. So, I guess 3dcart, that needs to be fixed ???

      I re-read the transcript from my chat last night, and I swear it's the funniest thing I've ever read. It is just like "Who's on First?"! I guess I'm wondering, does anyone else see this big white dropdown box next to Bookmark, or is it just me?