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Affiliate Program - 2 Questions

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  • Affiliate Program - 2 Questions


    Does anyone know how to change the default affiliate ID starting point? I just enabled the program so I could test and play with it before going live and I realize that the first affiliate ID is affid=1 and the next one is affid=2, etc.

    It's amateurish when just starting the program for potential affiliates to know that you only have 2 or 3 other affiliates (and I don't have time or desire to register 200 dummy accounts).

    How do you at least START the system with a 4 or 5 digit number or something like that so it doesn't look so lame?

    Also, does this program set a cookie on the visitor's computer or something so that if a person arrives at the site from an affiliate link but doesn't purchase on that visit but returns and does purchase, the affiliate is credited? If so, how long does the cookie last and how do we manage the time to expiration of that cookie?


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    Did you found ever an answer to the first question, starting our programm now and have the same issue!