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  • A little shipping trouble

    Hi all,

    I'm having a slight problem with the calculation of UPS 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air, but not sure what to do to correct it (note: UPS Ground seems to be calculating just fine). For the other UPS options, it's been a little off, on one order as much as $20.00!

    The problem, I think, has to do with the "dimensional" weight that UPS adds to larger sized boxes. I have not entered the box sizes in the product pages, but when I go and do that will this problem be solved?

    And if putting the box sizes in each product page would help, how would 3D Cart calculate the box size during checkout? In other words, if a customer adds Product A which is in a 8"x8"x8" box and Product B which is in a 12"x12"x12" box (assuming they can both be put in the larger 12" cube box), would it calculate the TOTAL order size as being in a 12"x12"x12" and add both weights for the correct size and weight that UPS would bill us?

    Sorry if this is confusing!!!!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has any advice or suggestions!

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    Just scanned your message and don't have time to investigate, but AFAIK 3DCart does not use item size in shipping calculations, ONLY weight. There is no good way to account for dimensional weight, the best way is to probably just add a slight surcharge to all orders which will even out in the end on the orders where shipping is too cheap.


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      Is the package dimensions there for a future feature?
      Does the dimesions show on invoice or integrate with worldship or other plugins?
      Just curious


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        I do not believe the dimension is used in anything of consequence.


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          Thanks cbsteven, I appreciate your advice. We don't have a lot of trouble with the calculations being off, but there are those the rare times when the box is so large that UPS hits us with the dimensional weight surcharge and it can be a little screwy with what the customer was charged during checkout. I'll likely add another dollar or so to our markup to offset any potential loss with such orders.

          Thanks again,


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            the dimensions are used for UPS. Starting 2010 UPS will be using these dimensions when calculating shipping cost through their app.

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              We have confirmed that the box dimensions affect the calculation of UPS rates, in our limited testing. Whether or not the correct dimensional weight is being calculated, we cannot confirm that. What we do know is that if you use dimensions of a relatively large box, the calculated rates will increase significantly. example:

              0" X 0" X 0" 10" box, weight 10 lbs = $12.68 farthest zone
              10" X 10" X 10" box, weight 10 lbs = $12.68 farthest zone
              20" X 25" X 18" box, weight 10 lbs = $37.23 farthest zone
              36" X 36" X 21" box, weight 10 lbs = $140.37 farthest zone
              36" X 36" X 36" box, weight 10 lbs = wont calculate. No errors returned to customer. Just blank field.

              Now, a caution: if you exceed the length+girth maximum of 165", the customer cannot checkout unless you have an alternate shipping method available. They will see no warning or anything. Just no shipping calculation will take place. So, definately, don't so that unless you have another shipping method. And the error in the open order in the admin will state: 1/11/2010 UPS Package exceeds the maximum size total constraints of 165 inches (length + girth, where girth is 2 x width plus 2 x height).
              One of our manufacturer's does in fact include a shipping dimension for all of their products, so that will indeed be useful for us. :)


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                Hi Mark,

                Are you currently using dimensional box sizes to calculate UPS freight charges on your 3d cart (which we still haven't determined if it's possible in 3D Cart, as cbsteven has suggested it may only be possible to calculate based solely on weight)? If so, is there anything more than just putting the box dimensions in the product entry?

                As you've pointed out, the difference in the cost of a small box to a relatively large box is tremendous. We don't ship in "oversized" packages that exceed the maximum box size, but some of our products are packed in an 8"x8"x8"....others could be packed in a 22"x16"x14" (for example), or anywhere in between....



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                  Yes, we real-time tested those listed above on the 3cart. Those are real-time ship calculations using the 3dcart dimensions. So, if you do enter the dimensions that will be uploaded to the UPS real-time calculator. :)
                  You can test it yourself. Just enter the dimesions for a product. I am not sure at what dimensions the "Dimensional" weight starts to kick in. Probably around 100 inches or more. Anyone know?
                  I do know that weight is now no longer the most important to determining cost. The volume of box size is more important now as space on transport vehicles is more paramount than weight alone.
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                    Very cool! I'll check this out and see what we can do. The only problem that I can see, and it's our company's problem for having such difficult shipping scenarios, is that Product A by itself, for example, ships in a 8"x8"x8". HOWEVER, if two are added to the cart, it would NOT ship in a 16"x16"x16", but rather both would fit in a 10"x10"x10". I can see how this could get complicated for us :)

                    And Mark, the dimensional weight from what I found on (link) UPS is the cubic size of the package/194.

                    "Determine Dimensional Weight:
                    For UPS Ground Shipments: If the cubic size of the package is 5,184 or larger, divide the cubic size by 194 to determine dimensional weight in pounds. If the cubic size is less than 5,184, use the actual weight of the package.
                    For UPS Air Shipments: Divide the cubic size by 194 to determine dimensional weight in pounds. Any fraction of a pound will be calculated at the next highest rate.

                    Determine Billable Weight:
                    Compare each package's actual weight to its dimensional weight. The larger of the two weights is the billable weight and should be used to calculate the rate.

                    If you have a multiple-package shipment, add the cubic sizes for all of the packages together. The total is the cubic size of your shipment."

                    The above is for domestic U.S. shipments that are not over sized packages.

                    Thanks again!


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                      Dimension calcualtions-Ships by self

                      We sell auto parts ranging from items that weight 3 oz to 150 lb so we had to be able to use dimensional calculations in shipping. As I understand it, 3D will only use box size in dimensional calculations if you set the item up as "ships by self". So far our shipping calculations have been reasonably accurate for UPS ground shipments on all items. This does give a "wind fall" shipping bonus at times, but so far no customer complaints.

                      Hope this helps.