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Removing a line of code, not sure where/how

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  • Removing a line of code, not sure where/how

    Hi all,

    Somewhere, somehow, there's probably a line of code in 3D cart that we would like to remove. It's where it shows "Your Price: $XX" in a category (under a picture of the product). Right now, for some of our products it can be a little misleading, as in the attached picture. The product is $9.95 for a dozen, but there are multiple discounts available in Box of 100, Box of 250, Box of 500, etc., and some customers may be confused on what the $9.95 price is getting them, thus deterring them and leaving us to move on to a competitor.

    Remove Your Price.jpg

    Does any one know how/where we can remove the line of code that displays the "Your Price"?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you still need help I will look at this when I'm back at work on Tuesday and can kill some time looking at HTML. It will be in one of the category_#.html files, though. Which one will depend on your settings I believe. It's pretty easy, just kinda gotta trial and error to figure out which one to modify and which [MYPRICE] is the one you want.


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      In your admin/settings/design/store languages/in the product area you can find the 'your price' wording and change it globally so no code required.

      If you have different types of products like we do. We have some that say 'your price' and others say 'starting at'.

      We assigned the 'starting ats' to a different display templates that is a copy of the other except the 'your price' wording. On the new template you would replace [product_yourprice] with your wording.
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        Thanks cbsteven and Mondo, I'm going to take a look at both options first thing tomorrow morning!

        Much appreciated!