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  • Any words of wisdom for going live

    We plan on flipping the switch in two days, any words of wisdom? We've done all the regular stuff but would like to know what you wished you would have done differently. We’re a little light on back-office procedures and anything you can provide is greatly appreciated. We have one major problem; the warehouse has no high-speed internet, just dialup and its three miles away from our physical storefront where we plan to print packing slips and export shipping files at the store (DSL) on our laptop and take it to the warehouse, fulfill and print labels. We’ve already checked into all high-speed internet options. We’re in a semi-remote area of Oregon and ATT/Verizon/any name here doesn’t plan on getting us more than dial-up. But, 3 miles away we have DSL…….Any recommendations? :D

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    test your shipping calculations.

    it might be easier to print out the packing slips via PDF (free pdf writers are available) onto a thumb drive vs carrying a laptop back and forth. Dont' know how many you are talking about shipping but the back and forth might get tedious. But priting packing slips via dialup shouldn't be too bad.


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      Test you credit processing method.
      Double check weights and prices.

      Is cellular service available?
      What about cricket or similar Internet via USB transmitter/modem. If you could get on a 3G network, that would be more than adequate.
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        I recently purchased a 3g usb modem from I can honestly say the service is pretty sweet. I use it in the office as a backup, on the road (literally from my car), and anywhere I need to get online. There's no commitment and you can pay for it only on months you need it.