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Stupid Question about New Content Pages

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  • Stupid Question about New Content Pages

    I feel stupid asking this - but I have never done any backend editing of new content pages (the ones under the Site Content section) so I cannot figure out how to access/edit them on the backend - only through 3Dcart admin. I looked but could not locate the files in there and think maybe they are in admin which I can't open in an editor (I use Dreamweaver).

    On my site, I have 3 columns and I need a page that suppresses the right 3rd column so that my content displays in the whole space where the middle and 3rd columns are. I am just plugging in a line of code for an Amazon aStore, and it should be a simple thing but with the 3 columns is does not display in its entirety so I need to hide the right column.


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    Nevermind - support answered my question. I created a new frame saved as frame_2.html in which I removed the 3rd column, then selected the second frame from the dropdown under Frame Template on the Site Content page.