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  • Free Shipping Question

    I have free shipping set at 100.00. I also have a 20% off coupon out. Is there a way for the cart to be setup so that the free shipping only works for $100.00 AFTER the 20% is used?

    Meaning: Someone places $110.00 of product in the cart and then uses the 20% off which brings it down to $88.00. They are still getting free shipping on that order. I would like the cart to not give that free shipping until they have reached $100.00 after coupons or sales.



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    All coupons have to be applied to the subtotal, and not the total for programming reasons. For example, say you have a 10.00 off 100.00 coupon. The cart would see 100.00 in the total, then provide 10.00 off. Now the new total is 90.00 and the coupon would not apply. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    In regards to your question, there are 2 possible workarounds.

    1. Have the coupon code and the free shipping code featured on the main page, so that customers can choose either free shipping at 100.00 or 20% off.

    2. Instead of having a free shipping code, have a custom shipping method that is 0.00 and only shows up at 100.00 in the cart. This way customers could choose free shipping, or an upgraded shipping option.


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      Thanks for your reply Robb.

      I think I will try out option 2. Thanks again for the suggestion, didn't think of that possibility.



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        Hey Robb,
        Tried your second suggestion and that won't work either. It is still using the subtotal for the free shipping. There has to be a way to only allow free shipping if their total is over 100.00 after coupons are applied. Even my old shopping cart did that and it was junk lol.




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          I think Gonzolo replied in a related thread that this can't be done. Is this a similar issue?:

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