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Gift Certificate Idea - Idea's Needed

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  • Gift Certificate Idea - Idea's Needed

    I want to do a promotion for my customers where if they purchase over lets say $100.00 they get a $15.00 Gift certificate. What would be the best way of doing that?

    I was thinking of creating a product. Mark it as a gift cert. Add product option for $15.00. Then creating a promotion for that gift cert as a free product. The problem is when that free product comes up in the "view cart" page it just has the link to that product and the customers wouldn't have entered their gift certificate info. Any Ideas to best implement that?

    I'm not familiar doing gift certs through 3dcart because we offer them normally through paypal like this:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    gift certificate promo

    I too am trying to set up a promotion to auto generate a gift certificate when a customer purchases $100. Unfortunately it does not appear in the checkout as promotion applied. Any ideas to get this to work?