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  • Multiple dependent options

    Hi, I'm new here. Moving one of our stores to 3dcart and having a little problem. I was wondering if anyone here has a solution to a problem I'm having with options.

    We have truck accessories that are only available for certain model years of vehicles. Such as: 1999 model year - blue, gray, tan ; 2000 model year - blue, light gray, dark gray, tan, red.
    I would like to only see the colors for the specific model year in my dropdown.
    I have set up the store to not allow backorders and hide out of stock product.
    Then I put in my model year option set 1st and my color options 2nd and went to advanced options and enabled all. Then I set to zero colors that did not exist in a specific year. The store does not allow the colors that don't have any in stock to be purchased, but it does still show them in the drop down. This is the first store I'm moving from volusion and with v cart I could have the customer select the model year first and then the correct colors for that year were all that showed in the 2nd dropdown for color. Is there a way to do this in 3dcart? If so, how? I'd rather not show customers colors they cannot order. Right now I have put the model years behind the color name, but that seems too wordy and confusing to me.

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Other than this problem I am enjoying 3dcart and its abilities.



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    It will only hide the ones that are out of stock if you have just one level of options. I didn't know this either before signing up and was super-duper-annoyed b/c I specifically asked about this during the sales phase, but oh well.

    So you can only have one drop-down, and it has to be like this:

    99 blue
    99 gray
    99 tan
    00 blue
    00 lt gray
    00 dk gray
    00 tan
    00 red


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      Thanks for the reply. I have used this method too. Hopefully they will eventually correct this.


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        Dependent Options Filter

        Just went through this with a support person. I was under the impression that options could filter / be dependent. Example: pant model available in standard inseams 30 - 48, and tall inseams 34 - 42. Choose "Standard" in first drop down, and cart shows 30 - 48, choose Tall, and 34 - 42 are displayed. Does not work this way. Filtered options cannot be added to cart but are still displayed.

        Pretty bummed on this one.



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          Here is a work around:

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