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Pop Up Boxes or Equivelant?

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  • Pop Up Boxes or Equivelant?

    Is there any way to have some type of pop up box (or something else) to make the customer stop and acknowledge something about the product before putting it in thier cart?

    FOr example, we sell a product called a Chatterbox that our customers use during driver training sessions so the driver and instructor can talk to each other. (It is actually a motorcycle product)

    It has a main unit and requires two headsets, but there are three types of headsets depending on what kind of helmet, how you want it mounted, etc.

    So, sometimes people will order the main unit and not the headsets by accident. We also sell the main unit quite often by itself for replacement, or whatever.

    We have the picture caption set up to say "This unit requires two headsets..." but they still sometimes miss htat.

    Is there a way to trigger a pop up type/screen message? (I realize that pop ups are bad, but you know what I mean) Something that caught thier attention, possibly even requiring them to click OK.

    We have a lot of other products that we could use this on, this is just the one that a guy just called me on.

    Any thoughts on how to set this up? Or should I move my post over to the Feature Request Forums?:)



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    I agree about how some things are missed, even when quite obvious!
    First thought is create required options for the main unit. For example,
    Option 1: Red Headsets (Add X $)
    Option 2: Blue Headsets (Add X $)
    Option 3: No Headsets, Replacement unit ONLY!

    A popup occurs if no options are selected, so, they can't purchase the main unit without selecting Option 3