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    Question on non-secure links (http) links on otherwise secure pages, such as the checkpout page.
    For example, picture elements that are loaded from non-secure sources produce errors when in secure https mode. We know that internal links automagically change to secure links when entering the https mode at checkout, but, does this hold true for external links? We would like to add a link to our blog site in the frame file. It is a non secure link. Would this produce security errors in the checkout section?
    Thanks in advance. :)

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    An external pic link would.
    Just host the pic on your site and change the pic target to internal.
    I don't believe a text link would and our left/top nav links though internal don't change to HTTPS on the checkout pages and have no popups.

    Easy enough to check, toss it in and test with a couple of browsers.
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      "our left/top nav links though internal don't change to HTTPS on the checkout pages and have no popups."

      These links SHOULD change, I believe. At least ours do. We were told to just use the /half path for our links and to not include the domain TLD info in the link and the changes would be dynamic.


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        I just realized that we have an issue with this also. We have a couple of links on our checkout pages that are causing security warnings in IE8. Firefox does not exhibit this behavior. All links are relative. I can't say that I remember this ever happening before.


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          Just checked our checkout in IE8 with no popups (never use it except to check the site), again our dynamic 3D coded categories and top nav are not https links except the top nav home link. On the top nav I only manually added the cart link and it's not HTTPS either.

          Shared cert.

          Top nav code:

          <td class="line" colspan="3">
          <!--START: menuitems_view-->
          <!--START: TOP_LINK_FORMAT-->
          <a href="infopage.asp?page=[link_id]" class="menu" target="[link_target]">[link_name]</a> l
          <!--END: TOP_LINK_FORMAT-->
          <!--END: menuitems_view-->
          <a href="/view_cart.asp" class="menu">View cart/Checkout</a>


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            I figured out what was causing this on our site. The BBB changed their seals this month and required us to upgrade ours. The problem is that the urls in the new site seal code were http:// instead of the secure https://. Changing this solved the problem. Of course, now this causes a security warning when clicking on the BBB seal, but this is a better situation than having security warnings when shoppers are browsing your site.