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  • Cart time out

    I was wondering where to find the setting for how long the cart stays active?

    For instance if a shopper starts adding products and then gets called away, comes back a day or two later will their cart still be available to them and how can we make it stay available?

    I was recently shopping on another site and spent about 2 hours finding exactly what I wanted from this store. My family had a need to go somewhere and I left my browser open and the cart open. When I got back about 3 hours later the cart was empty!

    That was so frustrating that I did not go back and spend another several hours putting together my order again. I had over 30 items in my cart and they all disappeared. Emailing the company was a black hole. Never heard back from them.

    So I am concerned that this may happen with 3dCart and wanted to make sure the settings on my store allowed people to have a life and still be able to come back and finish placing their order.

    Thanks for any help.