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  • Video product demo

    I was hoping to solicit some help from the experienced 3d Cart users.

    I was given a video supplement by a supplier of mine to use in conjunction with the text product description.

    The video is on a cd, and it loads as soon as I put it in the cd drive on my computer.

    How can I embed this file into a product page so users would be able to watch it as well?

    Thanks for your help.

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    There is a couple of ways of doing this. (And apparently, with the new release, this will be just a few clicks to make happen! :) )

    We have an embeded video on our product page using "extrafield10" in the product page. A sample can be seen here:

    This is a manufacturer's video that they furnish to dealers.

    We also have a "featured vendor" page where we've embedded the video right on the content page:

    Hope this helps with ideas or such.



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      My only confusion with this is that the product video demo is on a CD, and I have no idea how I could get that put into a usable format for use on my website.

      Any suggestions would be very appreciated.