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  • Shipping Question

    I have a shipping issue and have a feeling there may not be a fix, but I am hoping that I am wrong.

    I have the store set with free shipping for orders over $125. I also have some individual items set for Free Shipping. The price range for those items starts as low as $71.

    Here's the problem. If someone were to buy the $71 item, which is shipped for free, and then add a $10 item to the order they will no longer receive free shipping, but will be given a choice of shipping options which now involve the weights of both the items.

    For example, a buyer that purchases the $71 and receives free shipping now adds a $2.95 item to the order now has to pay $7.50 for shipping. I wish there was a way so that the buyer would continue to receive Free Shipping on any item that accompanies a Free Shipping item.

    I tried to out smart it but one change here affects something over there.
    I could lower the rate for orders over $125 to let's say $99, but that would
    only cover a small percentage of possible scenarios.

    Any ideas?