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Login, Create account pages are not secure?

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  • Login, Create account pages are not secure?

    I searched the knowledge base and can't find out how to make the account sign up pages and login pages secure.

    How is this accomplished?

    I did find how to remove the customers password from the thank you page. Not sure why shopping cart companies think this is something that should be transmitted continually.

    But this should also be a secure page since it has all the other customer information on it.

    How is this accomplished?

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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    Has anyone figured this one out? The "My Account" TAB is linked to a non-secure page and the My Account details are also displayed on a NOn-Secure Page and also when you do an Update Address it goes to a non-secure web page. I need the customer login to be on secure pages. It's secure only when you go through the Checkout process and login from the Check out pages.

    Dan Goldman


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      You can probably put some code in the template files to force it to go to HTTPS://

      /* redirect to secure site ALWAYS?? */ 
      if ($_SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] != 443)

      Or change all the links that reference it to link to the https:// version

      NOTE: I dont know if that code will work, I have not tested it, just did a google search.
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        Our login pages are secure as well as the my account page. In fact if you try to access it non-securely, it does a redirect to https://

        I think this was a problem we informed support about last year and they made some changes to correct it. Maybe they didn't change everyone's account.

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          I don't know why the forum is displaying our homepage title as the link ?