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Anyone doing nightly synchs of 3D with POS or warehouse systems?

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    It is not quite applicable to your situation but we do sync inventory once a day. We export our inventory quantity on hand from QuickBooks to a database using a free export utility. We then export a CSV file for 3dcart from the database and upload the file.

    I would say that if you only sell on your website syncing inventory should be fairly easy however we do not use any product options so I do not know how that complicates matters. The issue we have with syncing inventory is that we sell on our website and 3 other channels. Making sure inventory counts are in sync and we don't sell a product that is out of stock is pretty much impossible because of this. If you sell through several channels and want to have everything pull from one inventory you need to look at a service like Channel Advisor or Infopia.

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  • Anyone doing nightly synchs of 3D with POS or warehouse systems?

    I would like to hear from anyone who is using 3D and doing nightly synchronizations of inventory and prices with a POS or warehouse system.

    Part of what we have to do before we release our site is work out inventory and pricing update issues.

    We are in the process of making this happen and would like to share some experiences / thoughts etc. We keep running into roadblocks that we have been working around but it's not elegant.

    Also if you are using the getProduct API (web service) and have products with advanced options, that is another challenge we are having.


    Fred Gluck
    Rutabaga Paddlesports