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Fedex rates wrong with 3 or more items

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  • Fedex rates wrong with 3 or more items

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    Our shipping calculator is calculating shipping rates wrong if 3 or more items are purchased. For example if you add 1 item to the cart the shipping calculator on step 3 of checkout will give a price of the correctly calculated shipping amount from fedex and it will match the rates from . If you add a 2nd package it will give the correct amount also but if you add a 3 or more it will give a completely wrong shipping amount. For this example my shipment is going to VA 23220 one package is $22.23, 2 is 44.46, but the 3rd is $133.38, it should be $66.69 according to It doesn’t matter if I use fedex list rates or the discounts associated with my account I am getting an error of about the same amount.

    My shipping settings are as follows
    Each of my wholesale products weight 42lbs each and each ships by itself.
    In shipping settings I have Max Box Weight set to 42lbs
    In shipping methods I have both fedex ground and Home delivery set to All customer groups and min weight 1 and max weight 1000

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this please let me know.