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  • Migration from Network Solutions

    We are looking at a new shopping cart solution and are very impressed with 3dCart. I am wondering if anyone out there has migrated from Network Solutions (formerly Monster Commerce) v4 software? How smooth was the transition? How did you move your data (i.e. products, customers, etc.)? We have had nightmarish results using DataPort and would like to avoid using it at all costs.

    We also have Stone Edge Order Manager. How pleased have you been with the integration of this product with 3dCart? From everything I am seeing on the SE forums, people are saying that it integrates very well with 3dCart. Has this been your experience?

    Thank you, in advance, for your response.

    Katie Prey

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    We migrated several years ago, I can't beleive they are still on V4 over there.:)

    3d did a majority of the conversion for us, but IIRC we had to export stuff for them from DataPort, or perhaps give them login info.

    There were some issues with advanced options and the way we named our SKU's on Monster and how the converted over, but about 90% needed to adjustment, and the ones that did were very simple.

    3d kicks the snot out of the Purple People in every way. Our SEO's are better, the cart works better and there have been 3 major feature upgrades in the time I have been here. The PP people would still be telling me that I should change my business to conform to their outdated cart (or maybe I am bitter :))

    The StoneEdge integration works great. The only issue is that we have very, very long options for a lot of our custom products. PP would send these to SE with a delimiter so that they printed on each line of an invoice (or work order in our case). 3d sends them as part of the product description which is limited to some number of characters (255 IIRC) We adapted by changing some of our descriptions to be shorter and it works fine.


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      Thanks, Dave. To be fair, NetSol has upgraded to v7 (which was the next release after v4) but we haven't done it yet. This is mainly due to the fact we knew we were most likely going to change carts. We should have upgraded months ago, but have not.

      We certainly have the option to use DataPort. However, it is like a dirty word around here. Whenever we have used it, product descriptions get hacked off in the middle of sentences and we have also had inventory errors occur. There is no rhyme or reason to the errors, so it is a painstaking process to check EVERYTHING. Do you know of anyway to import product descriptions into SEOM from your shopping cart? If we can do that, then it will be simple to create a CSV file for 3dCart. I have made a post on the SEOM board already but have not gotten any response.

      Thanks again for your response. I would love to hear other testimonials from other users!
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        We migrated from MC about 3 years ago, but I don't remember what version we were on at the time. Our migration was relatively painless since 3dcart handled much of the migration for us. If I'm remembering correctly, we provided data files that we exported from Dataport and then 3dcart imported everything from those. I was very pleased with how easy the migration went and have been extremely pleased with 3dcart (and so glad that I selected them from all of the ones that I researched at the time).