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  • Best practices for email setting

    Howdy folks.. got a question..

    The email on our store is [email protected], in an effort to brings rma's, support and other general questions to one central area we've implemented a ticket system..

    People still respond to [email protected] with general questions, rma requests, etc, which we don't want them to do.

    We've been instructing them to use the ticket system but that's a manual process that we want to get rid of..

    If we change to a non-existant email the customers receive 'email undeliverable' messages on thier side for just about anything they do on the site.

    If we put an auto response on [email protected] then people get an auto response when they post reviews because the reviews are sent as though the user sent them.. They we have to answer how come I have to log a ticket emails..

    We're stuck in trying to resolve the email issue without hobbling the ability of the cart to send emails.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Mark