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Import Export Problem with new release

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  • Import Export Problem with new release

    What changed with the csv formatting with the new release?
    We cannot use MS excel for our export/import. the columns are all messed up! Has the limiter changed?
    Can someone tell us how to use the export/import with the new release?
    Very frustrating. :(

    UPDATE: It seems that the metatag column in the export is messing/corrupting the export. Please let us know how to fix!!!!! :(
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    Did you send in a ticket on this? We were just migrated today and had planned to do some work involving inport/export this evening.


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      Yes we did.


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        We looked into this and you're correct. It is in fact the meta tags that are re-formatting the CSV export. Keywords are being placed in the incorrect columns and completely altering the flow of the file.

        We've escalated the ticket you submitted, and it's being looked worked on. We hope to have it corrected soon.

        In the mean time, perhaps creating a custom export type that includes all the columns except the meta-tag would help alleviate the problem. At least as a temporary solution while we work on the cause of the export reformatting METAs.


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          Thanks. We looked at the export settings and you would need to add each field one-by-one and that would be inconvenient if you wanted a full export. We can use the workaround to update our single distributor setting, however. Good to know!
          Thanks in advance. :)


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            I spoke with someone in customer service and he said this issue affected everyone. I'd like to do an import (with meta tags) but would rather wait if there's a problem. I'd appreciate if you could let us know in this thread when this is fixed. THanks


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              This issue was fixed for us today. Thanks! :)


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                This fix was made global today and should be corrected for all accounts as well.