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  • Admin Bar at the bottom

    How do you get rid of that admin bar at the bottom when viewing your store? Only appears when I am logged into the admin console.


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    Take a look here:
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Great job on the upgrade!


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        Turn on design bar

        I am having the exact opposite problem. I cannot get the design bar on our store to show up. I have it checked in the permissions section, but nothing shows.

        Dan Vado


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          Hello Dan,

          As with making the design bar go away, we also have a KB article for issues where it doesn't come up when it's supposed to.

          You can read the article here.

          After looking at your specific site's Theme settings, it looks like you're using a customized version of one of the older themes.

          Unfortunately, adding the Quick Design bar to an older theme isn't as simple as adding a block of code to the frame template like some of our other new features. Instead, you would need to use one of the updated themes that were introduced with 3.2 because they were optimized for the Design Bar function.

          You can view and install the updated templates by going to Settings =>Design =>Themes & Styles and viewing the "Available Templates" tab.

          Incidentally, in the "Installed Templates" you may notice certain Themes that share the same number designation as those in the "Available" tab. These Themes were carried over from your store when it was version 3.1 so you should still re-install them from "Available" if you plan to use try them out for the Admin Design Bar.


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            Simple answer (if you don't want to look thru KBs) to try first:

            The quickest, easiest way that most of us can use to SEE the design bar is to go to your store via the "View Store" button AFTER logging into Admin.

            As long as you're viewing your store and are logged into your admin within the same subdomain path, you'll see it.