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  • PowerReviews Integration?

    Anyone have Power Reviews on their website?
    I see a setting to turn this on in the store modules section, and it replaces the 3dcart reviews. Is there any html/coding changes needed at all? How transparent or seamless is this cutover. In other words, is our current frame file, listing templates and review.html pages need changing? :confused:

    Also, is there a incentive % off?
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    While I can't divulge any of the customers that are currently using it (unless I have their express permission) I can confirm that we do have a few customers currently using PowerReviews.

    The reviews made on PowerReviews are actually hosted on PowerReviews' end and are displayed on the product listing and category pages by way of java coding. The new 3.2 listing templates have been updated to include this coding. The coding only applies to the product listing pages and category listings, so if these contain a large amount of customizations prior to the upgrade, you will want to keep this under consideration. (Frame template doesn't really get touched by the PowerReviews coding)

    As for the transparency of switching over; PowerReviews and the previous 3dcart reviews don't play very well with each other. Therefore it's literally one or the other. Once PowerReviews is enabled, your existing reviews get replaced and won't be displayed.

    Regarding incentives: there's not really a discount incentive as far as I'm aware, but PowerReviews does offer a 30-day trial. More information on this is available at


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      Is the integration seamless on the admin and customer account side?

      Meaning, if powerreviews is enabled, and I am in admin, when I click a customer's profile, their reviews tab, I can see the powerreview's review like I can with 3dcart reviews?

      Can a customer also see and edit their own powerreview reviews in their own account and not have to login to a separate account?


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        Excellent question.

        PowerReviews are not tied into the 3dCart admin the same way as the normal reviews are, so the reviews are not viewable via the Customer Reviews Tab. (Or by going to Products =>Reviews in the admin.) Instead, the statistics on your product reviews would be seen through the PowerReviews dashboard your account with them will use. Also, due to the way PowerReviews works, once a review is submitted, it is essentially locked.

        The way it works is this:

        A PowerReview gets submitted by your customer, then it goes to the PowerReviews staff where they validate it as being a true, honest review of the product - whether it's good or bad. This is done by them in an effort to have skewed results on products kept to a minimum. Sort of a "keep everyone honest" approach. After they moderate/validate the review, you as the Merchant can put the final validation on the review and have it posted to your site. unfortunately, this means that the review cannot be edited after it's submitted. However, through their interface, you can treat bad reviews as a trouble ticket if you'd like.

        While PowerReviews is vastly different than the default review system 3dCart uses, it does offer some advantages.

        For example, You can specify different review questions based on different products. In other words, category specific review forms.

        Another advantage is the fact that reviews are being moderated for you by a third party. With PowerReviews moderation, the reviews are validated, checked for profanity/questionable content, and calculated to provide an average rating to your products.

        Hope this answers some questions. I will try to get permission from some of our PowerReviews clients to see if they'd be willing to share their experiences here in the forum since they have a far better working knowledge of it than I. :)


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          I started setting up Power Reviews about the first day of the upgrade and we did work out most issues so it now works quite well. The integration I would say is not "seamless" with the admin as was mentioned - you have to go to their site and admin to administer it. But you do not have to do any adding of code to your site (as it will tell you to do on Power Reviews) - that is all set up automatically for 3dCart.

          But from the customer side, it is seamless - the review form shows up instead of the internal 3dCart one, the reviews are shown on the product page, just as the 3dCart ones are. However it does not show up on your admin for that customer - and they cannot change it through your store - although that would be nice if that integrated.

          You can try a demo period with Power Reviews and see what you think. Your 3dCart existing reviews do not go away. You can also have Power Reviews upload any older reviews for you. However they do take a long time - and there is a lag time of about 5 working days between when a review is done and you get to see it online.

          You can look at my website and see how it works - here is a category with some reviews showing - click on the item with reviews to see how it looks.

          Also see my "mini-SEO" page created by Power Reviews.

          So, there are pros and cons...

          If you have specific questions about implementation, let me know.

          Pat Cotter

          The Preemie Store


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            My Right Banner Covers A Portion Of The Review

            I'm testing this and when I click to create a test review, the review entry page comes up with some of the text obscured by the right banner on my website. We're using a 3.2 template that we've modified to add an additional right banner. As far as I can tell from looking at the code, the review form is in the correct section of the frame (center), which should just expand to show the whole review form and push the right banner out to the right.

            I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this behavior and what was done to resolve it. The only thought I have right now is to create another frame with a set width for the center section and assign it to review pages as the template. I'd like to know if anyone has a better/easier solution.


            Paul DeBusschere
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