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Shipping not Calculating for certain weight #

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  • Shipping not Calculating for certain weight #

    I am having an issue where a customer attempts to checkout with products weighing a certain amount (30 pounds) and the shipping options won't appear for Fedex. Now if the customer adds 29 products weighing 29 pounds then the selected Fedex shipping methods will appear. Any thoughts? I don't have anything in my shipping setting stating 30 pounds is the max allowable.

    Thanks for any help. I have had a ticket in since Thursday and it doesn't look promising. Anybody else having problems?

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    So under each FedEx shipping method in Settings>Shipping>Shipping Methods you have a max. weight set higher than 29lbs but you aren't getting the options when your customer checks out? What if they are at 31lbs or higher? Any problems? We had an extremely large order placed once where the guy called (luckily) because he wasn't getting shipping options and it was because I had the max weights under each shipping method set at 250 lbs. Once I changed it they showed up fine. Hope this helps.