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    Hello All,

    I have recently been using Firebug (free Firefox plugin) to test code modifications to my website. I did a forum search and there were only 2 references to the tool in a couple of threads, but not really an explanation of what you can do with it. The main capability of this tool is to edit your code within Firebug (your REAL code remains unchanged) and the changes reflect in real time in the browser (without even having to refresh - as you type, it changes). So once you KNOW that the code modifications you want to make are going to work as you intended, then you can go back and edit the real HTML code, without the question, "is this going to work properly?"

    You can click "inspect element" and roll over areas of your page in the browser and as you do, it automatically jumps to the code block that is displaying that element, so you don't have to search through hundreds/thousands of lines of code to find what you want to edit. It works vice/versa as well, if you click "inspect element" and rollover code blocks, the utility automatically highlights the part of the page it's controlling.

    I'm sure it has WAY more capabilities (and I would love to hear any of the other useful capabilities of the software from other experienced users). But for an HTML newbie like me, the fact that you can view real time changes on your website, without having the edit the REAL code is amazing! Before I found this tool, I would have to make changes to my real code, save, refresh, only to find out that I screwed something up and had to go back and revert the code to what is was and start all over. HUGE time saver for me! :D
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    I have used this and it helps. I don't know all it abilities as I am not a coding guru.



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      I think that this is the greatest tool ever invented. It lets you mess with your CSS and other parts of your pages in "real time". It does not let you change any code but the way I use it is to adjust the CSS, then copy my changes to the real code (I use Dreamweaver and an editor).

      It is an amazing timesaver for discovering how CSS is used. There is also a javascript debugger and other tools.