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  • Individual Item shipping options

    Is there a way to set up a product so that it can only use a specific shipping method?

    I've got some products that must ship ground so I want the shopper to only see Ground options.

    It looks like I could select "Ships by itself" and then manually ship it ground but I want to eliminate the change of the shopper purchasing the item with another method and then having to go back and let them know it can't.

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    I'm new and still familiarizing myself with some of the dashboard options so I'll tell you how I managed to do a couple of my products...either "by value" or "by weight". I had better luck with "by weight", having to cheat somewhat to get it to work, I put the weight outside the weight I had specified for USPS flat rate, and then filled in the shipping price to "mark up by X percentage" to give me the rate that it would cost to ship the item by itself with a means other than I know there's probably an easier way to do it, but at the time I sure couldn't find it so that's how I worked around the problem for a couple of my products.


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      I've been trolling these forums a bit...

      ..and it looks like people have been requesting this feature since 2006, to no avail.

      We're new users of 3dcart...this is pretty troubling. The "cheat" mentioned above will not work for our product mix. This is a pretty basic piece of missing functionality. Not good.


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        Originally posted by Evolution View Post
        Is there a way to set up a product so that it can only use a specific shipping method?
        Nope. :(

        We WISH you could do product specific shipping, but it's not possible. We've been asking for it since we opened our store. It would sure make life much easier for us too!!



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          We asked for it too, but, after much discussion over the last several months on here, it seems it is a bit more complex than appears on the surface, especially, when customers are chossing a variety of products in a single order. If you represent several manufacturers, with a product mix, then it really isn't feasible to calculate diverse shipping charges, across many different package carriers/methods, and still have a competitive product offerring. What we've had to do is a method of building in a shipment cost into the product itself, and centralize on a single shipping vendor for the calculation real time results. Some of our vendors ONLY use Fed Ex, some ONLY DHL, some ONLY UPS.....
          Consider, an order for six different products, each shipping from a different manufacturer/factory, each using a different carrier, and each a different source location, with different shipping time-frame estimates! :eek:
          We experience it every day. We update the customers order that one product has shipped, but, the others have not, and they are confused as to why the products didn;t ship at the same time or together in the same package!
          Phones calls and more phone calls!
          Can you imagine if the shipment rates calculator returned six different carriers and ship charges in the shopping cart at checkout! :eek:
          We'd have NO customers.
          So, we've decided that a blanket shipping charge should be used, and, nothing can be expedited, no overnight service, no DHL 3 day, nadda!
          Everything ship UPS ground as far as we are concerned and in our terms and conditions we state that the carrier may be changed at our discretion. :)


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            I'm real new also, not quite a month yet, and there's alot about 3dcart that I'm not really caring for so far...this being one of them and my prior cart was real easy to change the template, etc. and I'm struggling here...and bandwidth, well we won't go there right now either LOL I guess I got lucky on my one or two products that I want/need to ship differently. I like Mark's idea and may have to implement it.


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              Interesting, I didn't think it would be that difficult.

              I was thinking along the lines of a shipping group that admins create and select the shipping method. Then, in the product, assign that shipping group via drop-down like the "Product -> Advanced -> Listing Template" is assigned.

              Then, total shipping would be calculated by summing the shipping charges. Yes, as Mark said, there could be different shipping methods. But on the back end the system has pulled a shipping charge for the item(s) we've designated the shipping method for, and added the shipping charge for the item(s) the shopper has selected if we haven't assigned a method, and summed them.