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  • 18 uncompleted orders

    Hi Guys,

    So we launched our store 4 days ago now and have so far received so ok traffic and 18 uncompleted orders, still no sales sadly.

    I have no experience in this area and I wondered if you could tell me if this is common or not?

    I only ask as we are concerned that our paypal payment service may not be working. Does anyone know if there would be any indicators if this were the case? All we see is the users last action being the /view-cart.asp. Paypal works for us but we haven't gone through to full payment, just the last step.

    If you guys have any ideas on what may turn people off at our view cart page that would be great. The site is and the store is

    Thank you in advance for any help



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    Hi Simon. When setting up Paypal you can run a test transaction for .25 cents or equivalent. It uses your own credit card, but it of course deposits that amount into your Paypal account for you.

    Also, if people are getting error messages while on your site it should display those for you at the bottom of the incomplete order page. If there is nothing on the bottom indicating an error then it should be fine.

    We get incomplete orders every day, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. It means, at the very least, that people are interested enough in your products to add them to their cart. Building your business is a slow process. Just hang in there!
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions


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      I get 4 or so incomplete orders a day I think people are testing the price with taxes and shipping. I take advantage of emailing them all through the incomplete sales window though. I also run test purchases on my store with PP and my CC to see what the customer experience is. I added some headers to my checkout pages checkout 1, 2 and 3 to steer the customer in the right direction as to what to click on next


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        seems you are suffering from the "loading zoom: bug." This is where your images never load when clicked on. You need to turn off the default zoom feature if you are not using it! We have about 15 uncompleted orders per day and this is normal. Having just a single product, I'm not sure how that goes with regards to conversion rate.
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          Hi Guys,

          Thanks for the Zoom bug tip

          Good to hear that incomplete orders is common. It's now up to 28 but a fair few of those are the default settings.

          Interesting, thanks for the feedback and help



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            I noticed that when adding something to the cart and then clicking on the shipping page there is no way to get back to my cart. This may be a big problem for your customers. We put a link to the cart on all pages. Go through your site as if you don't know anything about it. If this is hard for you to do ask a friend to do it and watch as they do it. Take notes but don't tell them how to do something unless they get stuck completely.

            All problems they encounter are problems you need to fix.

            Once you make the fixes ask a different friend to do the same thing. The reason for having a different person is that after the first time going through your first friend already knows how to go through and it is now instinctive. They no longer have to think hard to know how to do something.

            In another job many years ago I was required to write instructions to run a machine. Long story short - it was more a learning process for me than for the user that didn't know how to use the machine.

            Because you set up your site and cart you know how to navigate through the whole thing. You do not have to think to do the things you want to. But a total stranger does have to think and figure out how to get what they want.

            Also, go to the big company web sites and study them. They have links where they do for a specific reason. They also have the money to test and figure out what is needed to capture the sales. Some of these things will be specific to their store but if it is on just about every big company store you can bet it needs to be on yours.

            The second thing you might consider is the shared SSL. This can be a deterrent When the URL changes to it can throw people and they may not want to trust it thinking something funny is happening. Trust online is much more important than in a brick and mortar store. For a hundred bucks or so a SSL is worth it in increased sales.

            Those are my thoughts from a real quick look at your site. Oh, and you now have one more abandoned cart. So mark than one and delete it.

            Hope this all helps.

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              Thanks for the advice Ken, have sent you a PM to incase you don't come back to the forum.



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                There may just be nothing wrong with your site. Look at your overall marketing and appeal of your site - not from the cart point of you but from your product and your market. Why is your product better than the next guys? If yours is the cheapest point it out. If not then tell me why I should buy from you even though you are more expensive.

                Remove some of the ambiguity of your marketing. "Quite probably..." at the top of your pages does not instill too much confidence in me. 21 days for shipping? I would not mind seeing more explanation why I should wait that long. I am an impatient internet consumer. When I order something I'd really like it to show up right after I click 'Checkout'. I am being tongue-in-cheek here but I'd like to know why it is worth the way.

                You have google analytics installed. How long are people staying on your site. What are they doing when they are there? If you don't have it set up get the google sales funnel working to see your abandonment rates at the different stages of checkout. Analyze the highest abandonment page and see how it can be improved.



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                  Hi Patrick,

                  Thanks for your suggestions, I've made some changes based on them so hopefully that will help.

                  Google analytics is helping determine how people move about the site as are the last actions tab on the orders page in 3dcart.

                  The 21 day wait is because the product is hand made to order, which is also why we are better than the rest of the iPad cases available.

                  Marketing is something I've never done, thanks for pointing out that the "Probably the best..." was ambiguous, I'd never taken it like that. When your so close to it though I guess you don't see how else it could be read

                  Thanks again



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                    Marketing is tough but personal and positive is my motto. It is hard to look at your work from the outside.

                    I do like your site BTY, very clean.

                    Off the top of my head.

                    The customisable is tough on me and that long word is misspelled (customizable)

                    The most customisable iPad case money can buy.


                    Your case (design) our quality (passion) type of tone.

                    On the shipping time.

                    Handcrafted to your spec's in 2-3 wks. and worth the wait.
                    Your hand made one of a kind Ipad case will ship in 2-3 weeks.
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                      Hi Mondo,

                      Thanks for the feedback, I love the line about shipping, much better than my small paragraph :)

                      I think the spelling customise vs customize is one of those UK/USA things but I can see why it's possibly not the best word to use there anyway, i wantef to use just "custom" but the grammar isn't correct and it sounds a bit odd.

                      I'm thinking of making it:

                      "The most personal iPad case money can buy"

                      or just simply

                      "The personal iPad case"

                      Thank you for the input, it's really appreciated